Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caitlin Nordahl finds B.U. is a good fit

By Jenny Taft

From her freckled complexion and sun-streaked hair it’s clear that Caitlin Nordahl loves spending her time outdoors.

Nordahl, the daughter of an Army lieutenant general, spent her childhood scattered across the U.S. and Asia, living with her family at different Army bases. At age 3, Nordahl discovered swimming from her two older brothers. From Arkansas to Hawaii, Kansas to Virginia, and even Japan, Nordahl was able to continue swimming. “Swimming was great when we were moving around because there was always a base team, so it was a great way to meet people,” she said.

When asked if she enjoyed living all around the world, Nordahl said, “I didn’t always like it, and once my dad retired in Virginia, I was eager to go to college because I was so used to moving,” she said.

Initially, Nordahl was not set on the idea of attending B.U., where her brother, Timmy, 20, is studying physical therapy at Sargent College. “It’s not that we don’t get along I just wasn’t sure I wanted to come to the same school,” Nordahl said.

The 19-year-old junior, now majoring in photojournalism, was initially set on advertising, but after taking a few introductory courses she really “didn’t take a liking to the subject.” Nordahl also gave public relations a try, but soon discovered that P.R. wasn’t a good fit.

Even though Nordahl dropped advertising, she still participates in the National Student Advertising Competition, where she and a team of 15 B.U. students develop an ad for a client and compete with other universities from around the country. Last year, the challenge was to create an advertisement for American Online (AOL). Nordahl’s team placed second, missing first place by only 0.8 points. “It was really hard to lose because we really thought our campaign was better,” Nordahl said.

Nordahl is still an active swimmer and works at the B.U. Fitness and Recreation Center 24 hours a week as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

Although Nordahl is undecided on what area of photography she is interested in, her ultimate goal is to work professionally as a sports photographer, a career that may take her around the world again.

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